Advocate Marketing: Takeaways from Influitive Advocamp 2016

Advocate Marketing

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of sponsoring Advocamp 2016. Advocamp is a 3-day event that focuses on and celebrates the culture of customer love and advocacy. The nearly 1,000 attendees learned how to delight their customers and turn advocacy into a sustainable competitive advantage. The amount of content packed into the three days was amazing. I returned from Advocamp ‘jazzed’ about our partnership with Influitive but also to launch our own Advocacy program using the platform.

Advocate Marketing is still a fairly new category for Modern Marketers, so I offer you an introduction to the term and my key takeaways from the Advocamp conference.

What is Advocate Marketing…and Why Should You Care?

Advocate Marketing is a discipline that helps businesses capture the enthusiasm of their customers, partners, and employees, and turn that into a powerful force for igniting business growth. Watch the video below to learn more:

Top Tips for Effective Advocate Marketing from the Experts at Advocamp

  1. “Creating zealots is not for the lazy.” @jaffejuice

    Don’t treat Advocate Marketing like the new shiny marketing object. Continue to perfect what you are currently doing but add Advocate Marketing to the mix. Also, creating an army of zealots who advocate for your brand is not easy, however by leveraging technology you can identify and nurture your advocates and develop nurture campaigns to take advantage if the revenue potential from your existing customer base.

  2. Negative customer experiences can lead to enthusiastic advocates @jaybaer

    Not only do Marketing and Sales need to be aligned, but Marketing and Customer Service also need to be on one accord. Unhappy customers, if nurtured properly, can become your biggest advocates. For example, an unhappy customer calls into your customer service number to express their dissatisfaction but by the end of that call, if your CSR has been able to satisfy the customer, they could use it as an opportunity to invite the customer to your advocate program (i.e. “I am happy that I was able to resolve your issue, at ACME Co. we are always looking for customers like you who are open to sharing their experiences and opinions of our product. Would you be interested in joining our Customer Advocacy Program to earn rewards for your feedback?”)
    Jay Baer

  3. The top ways to motivate your advocates, according to @DanielPink

    It can be scary to put your customers together and send them out into ‘the wild’ to speak on behalf of your brand. However, doing this will often yield even greater results than expected. Some of the examples that Daniel provided included customers who allowed advocates to run their booth at tradeshows, go on sales calls, and speak at conferences.
    Daniel Pink

Managing Your Advocate Marketing Program (Eloqua + Influitive)

Developing a Customer Advocacy program is only the first step. You need an easy way for your marketing team to manage the program and communicate with your advocates. This where Influitive comes in.

Snip20160323_14Influitives AdvocateHub allows marketers to build advocate communities and invite customers, partners, and employees to complete “challenges” such as referrals, reference calls, product reviews, and more. As advocates complete challenges, they earn points, badges and levels that can be used for a variety of perks and privileges.

Your Influitive AdvocateHub can be integrated with Eloqua allowing referrals from your advocates to be captured, nurtured, and passed to your Sales teams through your Eloqua CRM integration. In addition, Influitive allows you to sync your groups of Advocates to Eloqua Shared Lists allowing you to trigger relevant and timely communications with your customers. Eloqua can also help you to identify potential advocates using Segmentation and automate the invitation process.

Tegrita is now an Influitive Partner enabling us to help Eloqua Customers develop their own Advocate Marketing program and integrate it with Eloqua. If you’re ready to take your advocate marketing to the next level with Influitive and leverage Eloqua, so we can help you get started!

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Brandi Starr

Modern Marketing Consultant at Tegrita
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