Activate – Collaborate or Fail

Let’s be honest. Most of the time marketing strategy is a one-way street between the brains in the C-suite and the cool kids with their hands in the soil a few floors down. The gap between what one dreams up and the other can actually, factually do on a daily basis, is the stuff of nightmares. Activation is your golden ticket out of this conundrum. It brings all the coaches and players into one room to hash out plans that will work in real life, and that’s how modern marketing teams score big.

How We Can Bridge the Gap

Agile Marketing Planning

Data in hand, we gather in a workshop setting to jaw all things marketing strategy. By “we”, we don’t just mean the top brass – everyone who touches martech contributes their ideas during this shindig. The result is an 18-month agile plan that’s sticky enough to keep everyone on the same page, but flexible enough to match the natural fluctuations in business.

Buyer’s Journey Planning

It’s the blind leading the blind if you don’t have a buyer’s journey mapped out. When you dedicate time to get to know your audience like a BFF, you can plan exactly how to target them. We can help you figure out what content you have – and what you don’t have – to do just that.

Nurture Campaign Development

Every business has them: Those hot leads that simmer down until they go to the back of the CRM to die. We’re here to rescue them! Whether it’s an email nurture campaign, a third-party team to make the dials, or another solution… our team steps in with a grade-A plan.

Customer Success Program

So you’ve got Eloqua, Responsys or a combination of both. It’s a fantastic move… if you’re following the plan. We step in to make sure your technology is meeting the set objectives on time, every time.

Content Experience

You’ve thumbs-upped the super smart decision to bring Uberflip into your stack. We know that feels good. We help you come up with a mind-blowing content experience strategy and set up your Uberflip instance. Success!

Technology & Infrastructure Planning

It’s time for inventory. We’re talking tech – how you use existing martech, how you can use it better, and how it might not be working that great after all. With technology & infrastructure planning, we put pen-to-paper to see what you have now and what you need in the future.

Activate Your Marketing Strategy?

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Tegrita Strategy Activation Services

Agile Marketing Planning Workshop

Proper training and implementation are essential to using Oracle Eloqua, Responsys and Maxymiser to their fullest potentials. In fact, it’s so important that experts advise marketers to join forces with a seasoned partner to help them setup and execute this technology. Our team of consultants offer just that: experience, knowledge, and authority to aide your complete implementation, starting with revenue-generating programs. By following the Oracle SmartStart implementation methodology, our average 4-to 6-week implementation focuses on use cases and thorough training to infuse confidence into your team and ensures successful use of the product.

Buyers Journey Mapping and Content Alignment Workshop

The Agile Marketing Planning Workshop balances your objectives for the next 12-18 months with a flexible approach to execution, so you can fail fast to grow even faster. During the 2-Day Success Planning Workshop we’ll get key stakeholders together nail down what’s not working for you and what you need to do instead. This workshop is where creativity flows, and brilliant plans are hatched. You walk away with an agile marketing roadmap in hand. Whether you tackle the execution on your own or take advantage of our expert help, quarterly check-ins for the first 12 months come standard. We’ll refine and adjust so you get the most bang for your buck.

Nurture Campaign Strategy Development

Nurture campaigns created on the fly almost always flop! However, some thoughtful, data-driven strategy goes a long way. When you say “Yes!”to our Nurture Campaign Strategy Development, we prioritize nailing down a business objective, defining the buyer, and identifying key pain points. Next, we outline just what information your prospect will need to like you, trust you, and buy from you. Since timely and relevant communications throughout the customer journey are key to conversion, we spend time honing a multi-channel workflow that your prospects won’t be able to resist!

Content Experience Strategy

Personalized content is a must when it comes to consumer expectations. Gone are the days when you could pump out content and garner a huge response. Rising above the marketing noise means personalizing your brand’s content experience to the specific pains your audience is facing and giving them ways to relieve it. Uberflip helps you do just that by optimizing your content experience strategy. Wherever you are in your Uberflip journey - pre-purchase, ready to get started, or grow together - we can help you develop a winning content experience strategy and help you determine the best approach to achieve the greatest value from your Uberflip hub.

Client Success Program

We take your success seriously. That means we hold you accountable to your marketing goals through a dedicated, 1-on-1 Oracle Marketing Cloud expert technologist. Monthly success meetings and strategic support hours are included, as well as a one-day, on-site business review meeting and an optional Agile Marketing Planning Workshop annual marketing planning workshop; and Q&A support over email comes standard. This service is limited to clients who fit into one of the four tiers of our client success program, and criteria will be evaluated to determine if it’s a good fit before moving forward.

Marketing Technology Infrastructure Planning

When it comes to choosing marketing technologies for your stack, there’s an overwhelming amount from which to select. We have the experience to wade through the choices of vendor selection and identify the technologies that best complements your existing stack. We’ll also help you understand exactly what you have in your stack, where it’s failing, and what features you’re missing. You can trust us to navigate the technology landscape for you, so you can make the most of what you have now and gain just as much from new solutions. We’ll pinpoint your needs and make sure you walk away with the right marketing technology infrastructure in place.