Align – Operate as One

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and defining the who, what, and how of yours is the first step to gluing your sales and marketing teams together. This foundational definition is the framework for splicing short-and-long-term goals so everyone talks the same talk and walks the same walk. A common language means every… single… part of your marketing automation and strategy converts leads into opportunities and closed won deals into real numbers in your business checking account. Bonus: Customers become brand cheerleaders for life.

How You Achieve Success

Create Alignment

Truth is, we can’t do this without you. Alignment begins with your sales and marketing teams putting negative baggage behind them. Anyone who has their finger in the pot will get a chance to share their expectations for both teams. We’ll dream up mutually beneficial SLAs that no one can bat an eye at.

Manage the Data Flow

Time to make the dream a reality. We’ll hang the curtains in your marketing technology platform, making sure all your big ideas come to fruition. We’ll validate, optimize, and vet every detail of the plan while making sure no one is overloaded. Note to (your)self: Flexibility is key.


Alignment: Check. Setup: Check. It’s time to show the proof of the pudding. This includes printed design specs, proof of concepts, and buy-in from the big guns. Nothing is touched in your production environment before all those boxes are checked.

Closing the Loop

It’s the coveted Holy Grail of marketing strategy: closing the loop. We’ve honed our process to a science of pooling hard data to identify spend, and the specific campaigns and opportunities tied to it, to fuel constant improvement.

Knock. Knock. Alignment Is Calling.

Say Yes

Tegrita Alignment Services

Agile Marketing Planning Workshop

Proper training and implementation are essential to using Oracle Eloqua, Responsys and Maxymiser to their fullest potentials. In fact, it’s so important that experts advise marketers to join forces with a seasoned partner to help them setup and execute this technology. Our team of consultants offer just that: experience, knowledge, and authority to aide your complete implementation, starting with revenue-generating programs. By following the Oracle SmartStart implementation methodology, our average 4-to 6-week implementation focuses on use cases and thorough training to infuse confidence into your team and ensures successful use of the product.

Data Driven Lead Scoring

Developing a lead scoring strategy is more than just configuring a set of rules in your marketing automation platform. It’s team conversation, collaboration and buy-in to drive more sales. When executed effectively, a data-driven lead scoring strategy can align your teams and accelerate your pipeline. Our consultants begin by analyzing a combination of your MQL and opportunity data, which more often than not proves commonly held assumptions wrong about what leads close and why. We’ll gather the right people together to agree on the definition of a qualified lead, ideal client profile, and profile and engagement criteria. When everyone agrees on our proposed model, we’ll build it and validate to make sure it’s a fit. Our relationship won’t end there. We will hold your hand for the first year of implementation, sending timely updates and holding quarterly reviews to make sure the model is performing as planned, and making adjustments if they’re needed.