Analyze – Bring in the Brains

Marketing is just a guessing game if you don’t attach numbers to it, and that’s not how you run a business that pumps up revenue month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year. Metrics-driven marketing strategy is the name of our game and we’re in it to win it. Enter our suite of custom dashboards, reports and proven analysis practices. We help our clients produce measurable growth they can take to the bank, literally.

How It Works

Get an Extra Pair of Objective Eyeballs

It’s no easy task to zoom out from the day-to-day minutia to see the IMAX version of your marketing. We run through key campaigns with a fine-tooth comb and present the peaks and crevices of technology and program performance. It’s our gift to you: Objective insights you can use to rethink content, prod change, and predict the future of your marketing automation.

Know Thy Audience

It’s marketing commandment #1 and it’s a doozy. After all, just because you think you know your audience and what it is they want, doesn’t actually mean you do. You’ll get in-depth analysis from your sales funnel to make sure you’re hitting the right people with the right message and… surprise! A buyers journey that looks more and more like a self-portrait of your ideal client.

See Exhaustive Reporting… Fast

Reporting doesn’t matter at all, said no smart marketer ever. *Snap* Just say the magic words. We’ll turn your raw data into digestible takeaways and actionable insights so you can set kick-a KPIs and serve up actionable insights.

Analyze = Success

Get Me Started

Tegrita Analyze Services

Custom Reports & Dashboards in Oracle Eloqua Insight

You love that Eloqua Insight gives you out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to help you monitor the performance of your marketing programs. We love that we can help you get the most out of the tool by creating custom reports and dashboards specific to your business needs. You tell us about your KPIs and how you’d like to use your data, and we’ll design the best way to present this information. We’ll build the reports, train you how to use them, and schedule them to be automatically delivered to your inbox. You’ll discover issues, locate anomalies, and uncover data related to your KPIs to help mold your business decisions.

Modern Marketing Health Checks

You want to get the most value from your technology. Obviously! We understand that it can be a challenge to know what to prioritize to make that happen. Our Oracle Eloqua or Oracle Responsys Health Check determines how your instance measures up to best practices. Our experts analyze your database usage and campaign performance to provide a set of quick wins you can implement taking into account your team size and skill level. You’ll drive more revenue in less time and get the most out of your technology.

Tableau Reports

You can up your data game with Eloqua Insight by integrating it with Tableau. This powerful visualization tool complements your database, bringing all of your information into one place in an easy-to-process graphic interface. Lucky for you, our experts are experienced at creating and managing Tableau business intelligence reports. You’ll get access to these real-time reports that help you take corrective action immediately instead of waiting until after your marketing campaign completion. Tableau reports give you practical insights into your performance, so you can measure accurately against your goals.

Marketing Automation System (MAS) Insurance

You can stop worrying something will go awry with your marketing automation. We’ve got you covered with proactive monitoring via our Marketing Automation System (MAS) Insurance. It’s all covered: tracking, deliverability, compliance, automation, lead management, integration, data quality, reporting and security. If we find issues, we’ll take corrective measures so you don’t have to lift a finger. Your monthly trend reports will keep you in-the-know about your marketing automation performance.