Buyers Journey Mapping And Content Alignment Workshop

Modern marketers face a pivotal shift in how they market and to whom. B2B consumers now act more like those in the B2C realm, researching online and making a decision about your product or service before you even have a chance to influence their thoughts. According to SiriusDecisions “Sixty-seven percent (67%) of the buyer’s ‘decision’ is complete before a buyer even reaches out to sales.” This means, a larger chunk of the lead-to-revenue cycle falls on marketing’s shoulders.

This shift in consumer culture can be overwhelming for many marketers. Understanding the buyers journey and providing them with valuable content that helps in their decision process is the foundation for attracting and converting your target customer. The buyers journey is a description of the research process a buyer goes through ultimately leading to a purchase. During our interactive, two-day Buyers Journey Mapping and Content Alignment Workshop, we share our tips, tricks and strategies to help you develop the right content and deliver the ideal message at the right time.

  • Does your company struggle to move qualified prospects through the marketing lifecycle, nurturing them to encourage them to like you, try you, and buy you?
  • Are you doubtful you’re sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time?
  • Does your existing content miss the mark when it comes to keeping your brand and purpose the main focus?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Buyers Journey Mapping and Content Alignment Workshop will help bring your demand generation and nurture strategy to life.

Typical Workshop Agenda:

Buyers Journey Mapping and Content Alignment

How it Works


Project Kick-Off

We gather the right people and the right content for an initial audit. Timelines are established so everyone is on the same page.

Content Audit and Analysis

We dig deep to discover your most valuable and helpful content. Translation: What your prospects are attracted to the most.

2-Day Journey Mapping Workshop

  • Our in-person, hands-on workshop kicks off with a review and analysis of your content.
  • From there, we define journey archetypes that lay out the motivations a person has - procurement, improvement, reaction or transformation - to choose your product or service.
  • Next, we work together to come up with a set of adjectives to identify what your ideal client feels at each relevant stage of the buyers journey.
  • The defining moment is building the Buyers Journey Map, which includes labeling the buying committee, timeframe, and pain points for each archetype in each stage of the buyers journey.
  • The workshop ends when you have a content and campaign development plan in your hands. This blueprint aligns existing content to the gaps in the buyers journey and includes a plan for future content that supports each stage.

“My experience working with the Tegrita team has been AWE-SOME! I really love the team from a relationship standpoint. There is always someone that I can just go to when I need advice or want to figure out how to do something. It's been a really rock star team that has been here to really guide us through [the buyers journey workshop] and I couldn't have picked someone better to partner with.”

Mary Cate Bernal

Head of Demand Generation, Mist Systems

Say yes to a Buyers Journey Mapping and Content Alignment workshop today!