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Revenue Rehab: April Recap 2023

By May 9, 2023Leadership & CRO
Revenue Rehab Apr Recap 2023

On the Revenue Rehab podcast, esteemed revenue leaders join our host Brandi Starr to discuss hot topics and challenges faced by revenue teams. Curious to learn more? Keep reading to discover the latest trends, buzzwords, and takeaways in our industry to help you on your journey.
Let’s dive into our most recent discussions:

The Flaws of Marketing Attribution: Exploring the Limitations of Software-Based Solutions

Andrew Bolis, Fractional CMO & B2B Growth Advisor, joins Brandi to discuss ‘The Flaws of Marketing Attribution’. Andrew describes attribution as a multidimensional effort that involves multiple teams across the company; therefore, alignment is vital. Andrew advises CMOs to use a blended approach when capturing attribution; a combination of self-reported and software attribution is ideal, which can also contribute to buy-in from the C-Suite. Brandi and Andrew discuss the limitations of attribution software, which occurs due to its structure. Like most software, its data is directional but not completely accurate. These data inaccuracies are why including self-attribution is vital to capture the complete picture.

AI and Marketing: A Love Story in the Making

Nicole Leffer, CMO AI Advisor at A. Catalyst, LLC., joins us to dive into a highly complex and leading-edge topic: AI and Marketing. Nicole defines Generative AI and shares the benefits of available tools that assist marketers in expediting projects and tasks. She also shares use cases for Generative AI; CMOs should approach using AI conversationally and with multi-layered prompts. Brandi and Nicole discuss the limitations, pitfalls, and training tips for Generative AI. Nicole reminds CMOs that generative AI “is not a creator replacer. It’s a content assister.”

The Ever-Evolving Role of RevOps: Challenges and Opportunities

Brandi and Brad Rosen, President at Sales Assembly, delve into: ‘The Ever-Evolving Role of RevOps’. Brad explains how Revenue Operations allow you to make your business more effective and efficient. He clarifies the skill sets and opportunities in RevOps and which backgrounds suit this profession. Brad explains the challenges associated with RevOps and how to avoid them best.

The Art of the Scrappy ABM: How to Achieve Big Results Without Big Ad Spend

Mason Cosby, Director of Demand Generation at Sales Assembly, joins us to discuss his marketing tactic, ‘The Art of the Scrappy ABM’. Mason defines scrappy account-based marketing (ABM) as a no-frills version of traditional ABM. According to Mason, all that you need is a list to get you started. He shares his tools and techniques for reaching target accounts; specifically podcasts and LinkedIn. Mason encourages listeners to focus on direction rather than the details of the ‘how’ and take the lead on initiatives rather than submitting to roadblocks.

Are you interested in learning more about our podcast? Check out our full episodes on the Revenue Rehab website. And if you have any feedback or stories to share as a guest, contact us today.

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