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Revenue Rehab: March Recap 2023

By April 4, 2023Leadership & CRO
Revenue Rehab Mar Recap 2023

On the Revenue Rehab podcast last month, revenue leaders joined Brandi to share some of their key learnings and actionable insights. Looking for career advice and inspiration? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Join us on the couch to catch up on our recent discussions:

Sales Management Misconceptions: Why the Most Popular Techniques Don’t Work

Rene Zamora, Part-Time Sales Management Consultant at Sales Manager Now, joins us to discuss Sales Management Misconceptions. According to Rene, the ideal sales manager should care more about developing people than closing deals. To effectively develop employees, sales managers need to provide the right direction and inspiration. Rene believes that ‘teaching’ is more effective than ‘doing’. He also explains the theory of doing less so your team can do more. When sales managers do less, they give space to their team to grow as they delegate, and can focus on creating a clearer vision and more sales.

Building Trust: 3 Ways to Gain More Credibility With the C-suite

In this episode, Stacey Danheiser, the Founder and CMO at Shake Marketing Group, joins Brandi to discuss leading CMOs to greater success through their discussion on ‘’Building Trust’’. Stacey shares three ways in which CMOs can gain credibility with the c-suite. The first point centers around internal marketing; as a marketing leader, you should own the marketing plan and build relationships with your key stakeholders. Point two is knowing your customer, having clarity on who owns customer research, and ensuring you gather the necessary insights, which is essential for your role’s success. And finally, point three is knowing the business; understanding business objectives is vital.

Personal Brand Building on LinkedIn: Option or Requirement + Tips for How

Christopher Roche, CEO at Catalyst Consulting, joins us to discuss the pros, cons, and everything in between regarding Personal Brand Building on LinkedIn. Brandi opens the conversation with a question; is personal branding an option or requirement? Chris believes that marketing leaders shouldn’t feel forced to have a personal brand, but if they want to grow, personal branding is an effective method. Brandi and Chris discuss the possible barriers like lack of time or being camera shy. Chris shares that, like anything else in life, you must find the time and prioritize creating content – if you want to do it. He also adds that there is no need to worry about not being camera ready; it’s a skill that you can learn. He also encourages implementing tools and engaging experts to guide you. Brandi points out the challenge of creating a balance between personal branding and company branding. Chris agrees and stresses the best way to attract significant awareness to the company is through multiple personal brands. The key thing to remember and to employ, he says, is being authentic with the content you produce.

RevOps as a Growth Driver: Why CMOs Need to Invest

On our 50th episode, Brandi is joined by Rosalyn Santa Elena, Founder & Chief Revenue Operations Officer at The RevOps Collective, to discuss RevOps as a Growth Driver. Rosalyn defines RevOps as the infrastructure to support the entire process end to end; driving and retaining revenue from the top of the funnel to closing a deal, all the way through renewal and expansion. She adds that RevOps needs to rest with whoever owns Revenue. If that is a CRO, who ticks all the boxes of a Chief Revenue Officer role, then the RevOps person or leadership report into that function. Brandi and Rosalyn discuss the relationship between process and RevOps. When the process is done right, it makes things move faster, Rosalyn explains.

TikTok for B2B: Advice for CMOs Considering Experimenting

Lacey Miller, an accomplished marketing professional, joins us to discuss TikTok for B2B. Lacey explains how TikTok started as a platform for creators and now has become a search tool. Marketers need to rethink how they can leverage it as a resource to provide educational information about their brand. Lacey offers multiple strategies for making the most out of producing content to share on TikTok, such as picking a theme, using the tools offered (such as trending sounds), and selecting your hashtags. She also stresses consistency in posting and sticking to your theme to achieve audience growth.

To learn more about our podcast, check out our full episodes on the Revenue Rehab website. If you have any feedback or stories to share as a guest, reach out to us.

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