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What Is Content Experience? Answers From Around the Web

Do you recall times when you’re reading through an article and then boom, you’re disrupted by countless pop-ups, ten different fonts, and many unrelated Ads? What was your first reaction? Probably closing that article window and looking for another one, right? This is just one example of a dissatisfying content experience. Although the information in that abandoned article might have been valuable, the experience was the barrier. A positive content experience attracts ideal buyers, converts leads to opportunities, and pushes you closer to the closed/won.

Content experience is an evolutionary approach to content marketing, placing an emphasis on how your audience consumes and interacts with your content. It’s about how you position your brand, build a relationship with your audience, and continuously provide them with valuable content across the buyers journey.

Here are some definitions and concepts of how marketing practitioners perceive ‘content experience’ from the web:

Creating a content experience really goes beyond just creating content. It’s about crafting a holistic system that guides your prospects across the marketing funnel. You need to:

  • Understand your audience
  • Identify their needs
  • Speak to pain points
  • Help them find what they are looking for

My tip to you… start with developing content that addresses their queries and triggers positive emotions. This will get you on the right path to orchestrating a memorable content experience.

There are many content experience tools available in the market to help you consolidate and utilize all your content. One of my top choices is Uberflip which we have experience with as partners and customers.

For more information on Uberflip, check out the “Why I’m Uber Excited About THIS Content Experience Platform” video and “How Content Experience Helps Financial Services” Interview.

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Manar Asaya

Marketing Manager at Tegrita
Manar Asaya a Marketing Manager at Tegrita. With a decade of global marketing experience, Manar specializes in setting marketing strategies and initiatives across various industries. She received her MBA from Heriot Watt University - Edinburgh Business School in the UK. Her experience has spanned between traditional to modern marketing and she believes in the power of effective content marketing.