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Responsys Timers - Show and Tell from Tegrita

Show & Tell: How to Use Timers in Responsys Programs

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Oracle Responsys is a leading marketing automation system that is built around the concept of being able to design complex multi-channel campaigns. This is accomplished using a simple-but-robust “drag and drop” system to place campaign steps on a program canvas. Along with the powerful program entry steps, decision steps and action steps, you will find the often-under-appreciated Timer step.   Timers allow you to separate steps in a campaign by telling the program to “pause” – either for a specified length of time, until a specific date/time, or in advanced cases, until a pre-defined action occurs. Without timers to control…

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Creating Profile Extension and Supplemental Data Tables For Storing Data

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Oracle Responsys can hold a lot of data. To get the most out of this powerful system, you need to be strategic about where all the data is stored. Your primary demographic data will be held in a List (for example, the !MasterList). Additional data is stored in two other types of tables: Profile Extension Tables (PETs) and Supplemental Tables (SUPs). To prevent confusion between these two types, here’s quick guide. PETs (Profile Extension Tables) PETs are used to extend the data held within a List. For the most part, this will be contact information related to a record, but…

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Importance of offering a personalized customer experience

Importance of Offering a Personalized Customer Experience

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Years ago, the concept of personalized customer service in the digital realm took on a new meaning when companies like Barnes & Noble and Amazon began offering “just for you” recommendations on their websites. Through technology, these early web pioneers added a “human touch” on a mass scale, even though sales were taking place completely online. Their efforts were designed to add value to customers’ choices and enhance their experiences the result of which was increased sales and customer loyalty. Fast-forward to today: technology-based personalization is heavily integrated with e-commerce and companies are now also able to use site visitation…

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