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Turn Re-Sale Ticket Buyers into Season Ticket Members (Quick Wins for Sports & Entertainment)

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Every season there are fans who raise their hand expressing interest in exploring the option of becoming a season ticket member. Some will inquire while at a game or by submitting a form while others will call in to discuss their options with a sales rep. However, there are a significant number of fans, who for one reason or another, have never considered purchasing season tickets. For many years, I was one of those fans. I became a die-hard Atlanta Falcons fan when I moved to Atlanta over 20 years ago. Every season, I attended at least one home game,…

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Align Sales and Marketing with Internal Eloqua Campaigns

Getting Sales to “Buy-in”

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At Tegrita, we welcome collaborators and guest writers to contribute content to our blog. This week, Nick Smirnoff, Web and Digital Marketing Manager at Laerdal Medical, shares how to bridge the gap between marketing and sales using an internal Eloqua campaign. Aligning sales and marketing with an immersive customer experience Getting buy-in from non-marketing teams can be a struggle for organizations as they onboard the latest technology and marketing approaches. For many sales teams, “content marketing” and “marketing automation” are foreign terms. Does your sales team get it? Do they have a deep understanding of your digital marketing efforts? My guess,…

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Show & Tell: Creating a Date-Based Campaign

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One of the key features of Oracle Eloqua is the ability to use dynamic filters as a part of Segmentation criteria. When used in a campaign, Eloqua will re-evaluate the Segment as often as every hour to identify new contacts who meet the Segmentation criteria for as long as the campaign is active. When those contacts are identified, they will enter the campaign, but what happens if some, or all, of the campaign is time sensitive? For example, what if the primary call to action within the campaign is to register for an event or take advantage of a promotion?…

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Ban the “Clicked Email?” Decision Rule: A Better Way to Evaluate Engagement

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If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you’re a little familiar with the “Clicked Email?” decision rule, and that means you probably also know that it is one of the most commonly used Eloqua Campaign Decision Rules. Well, speaking as modern marketers and leaders in our field, we’re taking a bold stance – we propose banning this decision rule and taking your Nurture Campaigns to the next level. Example of a Typical Campaign Flow “Clicked Email?” works like this: when a user is contacted in a Campaign, they are given the option to click or not. Users that don’t click move to…

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