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Show & Tell: Email Snooze Functionality

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My Saturday afternoon nap is the most refreshing part of my weekend. After running errands or enjoying a playdate with a toddler, my brain is usually moving at warp speed and my body is feeling fatigued. The 90-minutes I take to rest both my brain and body makes a world of difference in my focus and productivity. Your prospects and customers on your email list can also experience digital fatigue and can benefit from a rest from receiving communications. We have worked with multiple clients to implement Email Snooze functionality related to four key use cases. Below are summaries of…

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Show & Tell: Creating Basic ABM Dashboards using Eloqua Insight

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At Tegrita, we welcome collaborators and guest writers to contribute content to our blog. This week, Kim Tworek, Marketing Manager at Gogo, shares how to set up a simple Account-Based Marketing dashboard in Eloqua’s new Insight powered by OBIEE. As a company, Gogo’s focus is Account-Based Marketing (ABM), so our reports and dashboards need to reflect that. Building a dashboard in Eloqua’s new Insight is something new to learn and determine how to leverage the capabilities of the reporting engine.  Personally, I am a fan of learning through trial-and-error, so after a few weeks of pushing buttons to see what happens,…

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Responsys Timers - Show and Tell from Tegrita

Show & Tell: How to Use Timers in Responsys Programs

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Oracle Responsys is a leading marketing automation system that is built around the concept of being able to design complex multi-channel campaigns. This is accomplished using a simple-but-robust “drag and drop” system to place campaign steps on a program canvas. Along with the powerful program entry steps, decision steps and action steps, you will find the often-under-appreciated Timer step.   Timers allow you to separate steps in a campaign by telling the program to “pause” – either for a specified length of time, until a specific date/time, or in advanced cases, until a pre-defined action occurs. Without timers to control…

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How to Track Custom URLs with Query String Values

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This video looks at tracking URLs with custom Query String values. It is similar to our previous video about tracking URLs with a custom portion of the path. The difference here is that the format of the URL is different ( as opposed to The solution lies in using Eloqua’s Redirect Link capabilities.

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Solving for Tracking Clickthroughs to a Dynamic URL

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In this “How To” video we explore a common problem whereby we want to track clickthroughs to a dynamic URL within Eloqua. Normally this would be done with a tracked link. However, in some cases using a tracked URL is not feasible, especially when the format of the URL is path based like:, where dynamic_value is something stored on a field in Eloqua. Here we see two possible solutions to this problem.

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Show & Tell: Master Exclude Soft Bounces

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Soft bounces indicate a temporary delivery issue to an email address. Common reasons for a soft bounce are when a mailbox is full (over quota), the receiving email server is down or offline, or the email message is too large. By default, Oracle Eloqua does not exclude contacts who have recently soft bounced from an email send. Keeping the bounce rate low is important for maintaining sender reputation. We recently had a client who had a poor Sender Score and therefore many of their emails were getting blocked as spam. One of the factors that contributed to the issue was…

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Show & Tell: Creating a Date-Based Campaign

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One of the key features of Oracle Eloqua is the ability to use dynamic filters as a part of Segmentation criteria. When used in a campaign, Eloqua will re-evaluate the Segment as often as every hour to identify new contacts who meet the Segmentation criteria for as long as the campaign is active. When those contacts are identified, they will enter the campaign, but what happens if some, or all, of the campaign is time sensitive? For example, what if the primary call to action within the campaign is to register for an event or take advantage of a promotion?…

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Show & Tell

Better Reports From Your Custom Preference Center

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Subscription management pages, also known as preference centers, are proven to decrease overall unsubscribe numbers by allowing your contacts to select which of your emails they want to receive. When asked whether they want to be completely out of the loop or only receive specific emails based on their needs, “fear of missing out” prevails so you are likely to still have that one contact to continue to market to. The out-of-the-box subscription management page from Eloqua is as simple as things can get… click here or here or here. Done. The solution can be branded, but only to a…

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