Essential Firefox Plug-ins and Functionality for the Oracle Eloqua User

When I work in Eloqua, I usually have a set of complex tasks to accomplish. Time is my enemy, the more efficiently I can accomplish my goals, the better. As a developer, I tend to look for technological solutions. The following Firefox plugins help improve my capabilities and save me valuable time. I originally wrote this post back in 2016. Some of the original plug-ins no longer exist because Firefox has evolved over time to include a lot of the functions! This current post was updated July 2019.

Duplicate This Tab

2019 Update: this plugin is no longer available, but you don’t need it anymore! You can right-click on tabs in Firefox to duplicate natively. Additionally, ctrl+click & drag on Windows (cmd+click & drag on Mac) also does the trick.

Example: Duplicate TabDuplicate Tab has a simple function: copy the current tab to a new one. You’ll spend less time navigating from one area of the application to another. Depending on my goals, I will typically work in 3-4 different tabs. For instance, when building a landing page that includes a form, I might have one tab open to the LP, one to the form, and another one to create Shared Lists or for other tasks.

Multiple tabs also come in handy when working on CRM Integrations. I typically have tabs for the following:

  1. Setup – Fields & View/Picklists
  2. Contacts/Accounts
  3. Integration Area
  4. CRM
  5. General or multipurpose tab

Memory Restart

2019 Update: This plugin is no longer available either! Again, you no longer need it! In 2017, Mozilla released Firefox Quantum representing a major overhaul of the browser. What this means for you, is no more restarting Firefox because Eloqua is hogging resources.

Example: Memory RestartMemory Restart is another add-on for Firefox with a simple function. An icon will appear to the right of your address bar that is either green (low memory usage) or red (high memory usage). When Eloqua begins slowing down, simply hit the icon and restart Firefox with all of your tabs intact! Before using this plugin, getting Firefox restarted was a daunting task. Now, little time is wasted, and I can maintain the same frame of mind.

Web Developer

2019 Update: Web Developer is just as useful as it ever was, I still highly recommend it.

Example: Web DeveloperWeb Developer may seem like an extension for a certain group of people. As a Digital Marketer, you likely work with web forms often. Web Developer supplies a number of tools for easily viewing browser cookies as well as form data. Form data comes in extremely handy when ensuring all fields are being properly populated. Without Web Developer the same task would take longer either through Submission Data in Eloqua’s Form editor, or by going through the browser’s Developer Tools. Web Developer has many other options to explore any web page in easy to understand charts, or in-page overlays.

Some other Web Developer features:

  • Work with browser Cookies
  • Analyze CSS
  • Interact with forms
  • Get page information like a Document Outline for SEO purposes
  • Code validation
  • And more…

Screenshotter Fixed

2019 Update: This is another piece of functionality that has become native in Firefox. Check out the documentation here.

Example: Firefox Screenshotter FixedScreenshotter Fixed is an easy to use extension that also allows for screenshots of what is visible, the full-page, or sections of a page. This plugin will help you save critical cycles going back and forth over poor descriptions of interfaces, emails, and webpages. Screenshots also come in handy when a Web Conference is not available, or when communicating through email or project management software like Jira. Annotation can be added easily enough with apps like Apple Preview. I find Screenshotter Fixed to be a nice compliment to OS X’s built-in screen capturing functionality.

And something new for 2019….

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

This plugin is essential if you work in multiple instances of Eloqua. With Multi-Account Containers you can log into multiple instances without have to resort to using private windows, and all the containers are color coded tabs! I’ve removed the default container names and replaced them with numbers to keep things a little more straight-forward.

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