Data & Analytics

Without results, there is no Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Before you commence any marketing initiatives, you must define what success is going to look like. After defining success, you can review existing results to see how they compare to your expectations and determine what worked, and what did not. The first step we take in working with our clients when we engage in strategic services is to determine KPIs and SLAs.

Tegrita Data & Analytics Services

All marketing programs have room for improvement and will benefit from a round of optimization after initial launch to ensure everything is working as smoothly as possible. To achieve your desired results, we take an effective optimization approach, which includes understanding goals and benchmarks, methodical data capture, consistent measurement, actionable reporting, and trend analysis, followed by execution of any insights.

Our Reporting & Analytics Services

Custom Dashboards

High-level dashboards can help you identify anomalies and issues in your programs quickly.

Custom Reports

Next, dig into your dashboard reports to understand specific aspects of your programs. Identify insights with your key performance indicators that can be used for predicting future results.

Tableau Reports

Our team can help you define and structure the Tableau business intelligence reports that align with your marketing program to deliver strategic, meaningful and actionable insights toward your performance and goals.

Audience Analysis

Using data from your marketing and sales systems, we will analyze your segments to determine if you are targeting the right audience based on your sales funnel and buyers journeys.

Opportunity Analysis

We will look at your opportunity data and the contacts related to those opportunities and determine what activities those contacts have performed to determine the real buyers’ journeys that these contacts took. Data patterns and trends will keep you informed about the true buyer’s journeys. We will pull data from your marketing and sales systems, and web analytics platforms to produce the reports.

Trend Analysis

To help you analyze your quarterly and annual program performance, we will gather data from your marketing and sales systems and systematically look through key campaigns. Using tools like Tableau and native reporting capabilities of your marketing automation platform, we will create presentation decks that review quarterly performance and quarterly changes. Tracking performance annually will help you identify upticks and drop-offs in your campaigns enabling you to re-examine content or contacts and make adjustments every quarter. These reports will also help you predict future performance.

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Oracle Eloqua is sold under the premise that marketing people can implement and maintain the system. That being said, a knowledgeable and technological savvy partner is required for a successful implementation. We found Tegrita to be that knowledgeable and technological savvy partner. We use Tegrita for assistance with ongoing technological assistance as well as help with thought leadership and best practices.

John Hynek, Database Marketing Manager, United Federal Credit Union

The Tegrita team helped us get up and running on Eloqua in just three weeks. The implementation process could not have been smoother – the team was extremely organized, highly skilled, and fun to work with. We had a very aggressive timeline and I had complete confidence that partnering with Tegrita would allow us meet to our goals. The team went beyond just implementing software – they helped us strategize, shared best practices, and took the time to truly understand our business. I’m excited to have Tegrita as a long term partner of Fuze.

Emily Ketchum, Sr. Manager, Global Marketing Operations, Fuze

The Tegrita consulting team was very instrumental with helping Congressional Federal Credit Union implement Eloqua during the Smart Start phase. In the finance industry, we capture an abundancy of data that can often be quite complex. With Tegrita’s help, we were able to navigate, simplify and extract essential data to effectively develop robust campaigns. The team was patient and flexible during the entire process. I highly recommend using Tegrita Consulting Group for your implementation.

Phoenix Phimmasene, Marketing Manager, Congressional Federal Credit Union

Tegrita has been an integral part of our success in the implementation and deployment of Eloqua for our three different multi-tenant franchisee companies. Without them, I don’t think we would have been able to get up and running as quickly as we did. Tegrita took the time to understand our business model and knew we could not have the same type of implementation as other companies. By delving deep into our business processes, we were able to launch and feel safe that the security needed was in place to protect our franchisees.

Meribeth Gunn, President, Summit Marketing Communications

Working with Tegrita was essential to the success of the implementation of Eloqua at SUNY Plattsburgh. Tegritas team was with us from day one, educating us on best practices. Not only were we able to launch two robust campaigns by the end of our SmartStart contract, but we are now able to use the tool ourselves, thanks to their coaching. I recommend that any company or business looking to implement Eloqua as part of their communication strategy partner with Tegrita first.

Catherine Keleher, Director of Marketing, SUNY Plattsburgh