The backbone of Marketing is data. Not only do they serve an internal purpose of measuring ROIs, they also help you target the right audience at the right time. Technology allows for the integration of various data points across various platforms to give you a more wholesome picture of what’s happening daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually in your marketing efforts. Trying to make sense of every piece of data is also not good. Knowing what data you need to focus on, and how to interpret it is critical for an organization’s success.

Mythili Viswanathan, PhDClient Engagement Lead

Data & Analytics

If you’re not measuring your results, there’s no point in marketing. That’s what we believe, anyway. As metrics-driven marketers, defining success at the beginning via KPIs and SLAs is the only way we think you can win in the end. After all, no marketing program is perfect, but by studying the results of your marketing efforts, you can see what’s working… and what is most definitely not. Consider data your best friend and analytics your right-hand man. They’re the key to getting where you want to go with your marketing strategy, fast.

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Tegrita’s data and analytics services empower your marketing technology to perform at its peak. We’ll work with you to customize a data flow that makes sense for both your team and your technology.

Tegrita Tech Integrations


Your marketing automation is dead in the water without the right data. Different data sets live in multiple systems. We’ll analyze whether integrating all this data is worth your time and money. If it is, we’ll determine how the integration will work, whether through a pre-built connector, out-of-the-box apps, custom integrations or compatible webhooks. Then we’ll carry out the plan. Whatever integration you need -Native CRM integrations, Flat file integration over SFTP, Custom API Integrations, API AWS Integrations (Including KORE), and Middleware solutions, we can help.

Architecture & Orchestration

Understanding and organizing your data can be a beast. We understand how difficult this part of marketing automation is to tackle. Our data architecture services can help you determine what data you have and how to best organize it within your specific technology. Sometimes, that means creating custom tables, and other times, it might be as simple as setting up custom fields. Whatever your data needs are, the Tegrita team will do the heavy lifting with our data orchestration service.
Tegrita Custom Reports

Custom Reports & Dashboards In Oracle Eloqua Insight

You love that Eloqua Insight gives you out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to help you monitor the performance of your marketing programs. We love that we can help you get the most out of the tool by creating custom reports and dashboards specific to your business needs. You tell us about your KPIs and how you’d like to use your data, and we’ll design the best way to present this information. We’ll build the reports, train you how to use them, and schedule them to be automatically delivered to your inbox. You’ll discover issues, locate anomalies, and uncover data related to your KPIs to help mold your business decisions.
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Tableau Reports

You can up your Eloqua Insight data game by integrating it with Tableau. This powerful visualization tool complements your database, bringing all of your information into one place in an easy-to-process graphic interface. Luckily for you, our experts are experienced at creating and managing Tableau business intelligence reports. You’ll get access to these real-time reports that help you take corrective action immediately instead of waiting until after your marketing campaign is complete. Tableau reports give you practical insights into your performance so you can measure accurately against your goals.

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