Email Flight Management (EFM)

Strategy, Technology, Process, Execution, Performance Reporting

Email is the center of the universe. Think about it. All channels lead to email, the backbone of any good marketing strategy is email, and we know that not every marketing team is equipped with the resources needed to cover all the bases when it comes to email production. So, getting email right, and partnering with experts who know how to take it to the next level, needs to be your top priority!

Tegrita’s Email Flight Management (EFM) service is here to help elevate your strategy, harness your technology, improve and document your process, handle execution, and create meaningful reports.

With EFM you get:

  • Strategy: Segmentation & Targeting, Role of Email, Personalization, Testing & Optimizing, Design
  • Technology: Technology Support, Marketing Automation, Integration, Technology Implementation
  • Process: Data Quality & Governance, Documentation, Revenue Process / Lead Management, Campaign Planning
  • Execution: Campaign Execution, Email & LP Build, QA & Rendering, Privacy & Compliance, Deliverability, IP Warming
  • Performance Reporting: Measuring Email in Context, Basic Email Reporting, Advanced Email Reporting

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