We help brands elevate their
fragmented email efforts into
a streamlined, revenue-driving strategy

Tegrita is a perfect fit for companies who:

  • Lack a defined communication map
  • Crave visibility into email ROI
  • Yearn for unified brand experiences
  • Battle with email operation silos
  • Seek personalized email engagement

Email Marketing Strategy Consulting

Achieving robust business outcomes — be it customer acquisition, retention, or revenue growth — hinges significantly on a well-orchestrated email marketing strategy. Our Email Marketing Strategy Consulting service meticulously assesses your current email initiatives, identifies existing gaps, and crafts integrated strategies to elevate your email marketing. Through advanced capabilities like automation, personalization, and lifecycle campaigns, we unveil new avenues for enhanced customer engagement. As a marketing leader, aligning your email strategy with your broader marketing goals is crucial. We transform disjointed email efforts into a unified, optimized approach, driving meaningful customer engagement and tangible business growth, positioning your brand distinctly in the marketplace.

Common Problems
We Solve

Disconnected Customer Journeys:

Despite its potential, email often operates in isolation, not in harmony with the overarching brand experience. We seamlessly integrate email strategy into the broader customer journey, strengthening brand perception and user engagement.

Generic or Basic Targeting:

Basic segmentation might get messages into inboxes, but it doesn't resonate on a personal level or compel action. We refine your targeting with hyper-segmented strategies, ensuring the right messages reach the right people at the right time.

Email as a Revenue Accelerator:

Speed and velocity optimization in your email campaigns can significantly drive growth. Our strategic approach ensures that your email not only reaches your audience but compels buyers to take action, leading to qualified and ready-to-engage opportunities.

Lack of Visibility into Impact:

Without clear insight into email performance and its impact on growth, optimization is a shot in the dark. We introduce visibility, connecting email efforts to core growth metrics through KPI dashboards, allowing for resource optimization and better decision-making.

Our Approach

Advance your email marketing efforts to drive better engagement, more conversions, larger deal sizes, and happier sales teams. Here’s how we partner with you to achieve these outcomes:

Discovery (First 3 weeks):

  • Kickoff meeting to grasp your current marketing strategy and email usage.
  • Stakeholder interviews to understand audience and strategy.
  • Review the current state of your email programs and performance metrics.

Audience Definition (During 2-day onsite):

  • Define core audiences based on your go-to-market approach.
  • Identify hyper-targeting opportunities and ascertain their relevance.

Journey Mapping (During 2-day onsite):

  • Craft a communication journey map outlining all requisite email programs.
  • Utilize various frameworks to connect inbound channels to email marketing.

Campaign Planning Timeline (Post-onsite, within 3 weeks):

  • Develop a milestone timeline for campaign development, commencing with revising any existing campaigns, and then moving onto the campaign development plan.

Key Deliverables:

  • Email Marketing Playbook:
    Defines the role of email as it relates to other tactics and delineates the rules of engagement for email usage.
  • Campaign Map: Aligned to the communication journey, this map charts the course for your email campaigns.
  • Execution Timeline: A defined schedule to bring the campaign plans to fruition.

Engagement Model:

Our engagements are tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether a fixed-duration project or an ongoing partnership where clients continue working with us for the implementation, measurement, and optimization of their email programs.

Take the Next Step:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Sets Us Apart

For starters, we think email is the bee's knees. While some question the vitality of email and others see it as routine, we've lived and breathed email for the last 10 years. We recognize that although it's unsexy, it's not only necessary but incredibly effective. So while many chase the latest hot tactic, we remain focused on the tactic that elevates the effectiveness of all other channels.

Our approach goes beyond mere campaign management. We create a tailored email marketing playbook that aligns with your broader marketing agenda, blending seasoned expertise across diverse industries with a collaborative ethos for seamless integration with your existing teams and partners. We don’t just hand over a strategy; we offer ongoing support, morphing from consultants to extended team members, dedicated to optimizing your email marketing for tangible outcomes like higher lead conversion and increased deal size. With us, you gain a partner vested in your long-term success, championing the enduring potency of email marketing.

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