Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: 5 Wellness Tips for the Modern Marketer

As a Modern Marketer, your career is stimulating and fast-paced. You are constantly thinking about ideas, strategies, campaigns, objectives, deadlines, KPIs, ROIs; this list could go on forever. If you are like me, these thoughts rarely cease. They run through your head all day and sometimes all night. A career in this field comes with a lot of excitement, but it can also bring on stress and anxiety which can lead to unhealthy habits, both physically and mentally. The importance of a healthy mind and body is nothing new, but chances are if you are reading this, you could benefit from some simple tips.

Tip #1 – Start Your Day Off Right

Everyone has their morning routine, whether that’s scrambling to get the kids up, fed, and off to school, walking the dog before work, hitting the gym, or even preparing for a long commute. 

  • Do yourself a favor and wake up a little earlier, even if it’s only 15 minutes earlier than planned. This will put you slightly ahead of schedule and lessen any morning anxiety
  • When you wake, take a moment to stretch and reflect on the day ahead – meditate only on the positives, as corny as it sounds – self affirmations work wonders for a healthy mindset. Tell yourself it’s going to be a GREAT day, and you are going to be SUPER productive! Raise your vibration!
  • Before morning coffee, try drinking a glass of lemon water, this will get your body moving and give you a boost of energy

Tip #2 – Create a Zen Workspace

Maybe you sit in a tiny cubicle, or maybe you’re lucky enough to have the corner office – either way you can turn your workspace into an oasis that is both relaxing and inspiring.

  • Add a few bursts of bright colors, post inspiring quotes and phrases, so anytime you look around there’s invigorating colors and something encouraging to read
  • Get a desk plant or vase of colorful flowers, or one of those cool zen desk rock gardens
  • Clear the clutter, get rid that distractive stuff not directly related to helping you work (like those old People and InTouch magazines)
  • My favorite “zen” desk item is an essential oil diffuser, they run on batteries, or plug right into your computer via USB. Try out different scents and see what works best for you. Peppermint eases headaches and increases alertness, while orange and lavender provide a calming experience. Have a coughing colleague? Try tea tree oil for wellness

Tip #3 – Make Time for Yourself Throughout the Workday

We spend a majority of time at our desk, on the phone, in meetings, and many of us don’t even take a break for lunch. You are not doing yourself or your employer any favors if you are rundown and overworked (hello sick days!). You owe it to yourself to take breaks.

  • Put some “Me” time on your calendar, block out 30 minutes to relax
  • Get up every 30 minutes to an hour, even if it’s just to stretch and walk to the break room for a coffee or glass of water
  • Fight the urge to eat lunch at your desk, because eating at your desk = continuing to work. You need to take time to eat in peace, and have some time away from your work area to breath and regroup
  • If you have an outside space and a laptop, try relocating your “office” for an hour or two a day. A change of scenery and some fresh air will do you so much good
  • Take a walk outside and soak up some Vitamin D, or sit on a bench and read a chapter in that book you’ve been eager to finish

Tip #4 – Implement Healthy Eating Habits 

I know, I know … You know all about this, right? But being super busy and working extended hours, we tend to reach for what’s convenient, and not healthy (like that party size bag of Lay’s Potato chips). With that extra 15 minutes gained getting up early, pack some healthy snacks for the office and avoid that 3pm vending machine run. Some of my favorite snacks are:

  • Raw veggies and dips, hummus
  • Protein packed nuts (almonds are a great choice)
  • Cut up apples & peanut butter
  • Yogurt or string cheese
  • Low fat popcorn
  • Dried fruits, granola

Tip #5 – Relax and Reduce Stress

The old saying when it rains it pours, really has truth to it. When we are calm and relaxed, we tend to stay in that mindset. When we are stressed, it seems like everything that can go wrong, will. Many of us make stress a habit, almost as if we’re looking for the next situation to cause anxiety. Let go of that, and focus on what could go right. Don’t tolerate weakness in yourself; and don’t allow yourself to stay in a stressed out state. As Tony Robbins says in a short video, “Life is too short to feel like crap.”

  • Incorporate Vitamins/Herbs for energy. While I’m not a medical doctor, I find natural remedies for stress and relaxation to be beneficial, and have personally seen results. Of course, your research can determine what’s best for your body, but these are some supplements I like:
  • Massages work wonders on tense muscles, if you can’t fit one it, try a natural cherry pit heating pad – no electrical plug required, just heat in the microwave (or chill in the freezer) and place on tired muscles. It releases heat slowly and can get into those hard to reach places. These can be found online, even Etsy has some fashionable ones.
  • Make and keep relationships at work, having friendly conversations with colleagues is healthy for the soul. Everyone needs a good laugh during the day, so don’t fight the urge to share that hilarious meme or video you found while surfing the web during lunch.

You can’t be your best to your employer, family, friends, or anyone really, if you don’t take care of you. Keeping a healthy physical and mental state isn’t difficult, but first you must decide that you want to commit to some simple changes. How we feel and act are the product of habits, so begin with small changes today and you’ll feel energized and ready to take on whatever tomorrow brings. Happy “Healthing” Modern Marketers!

What are your healthy mind and body tips? We’d love to hear, share them with us.