Tegrita's consultants use corporate entropy like clay. Out of chaos comes order, insight, progress. If you're not on the right path already, we'll not only draw you a map, we'll build the road and the car too.

Jesse NobbeSr. Solutions Architect

Tegrita's consultants use corporate entropy like clay. Out of chaos comes order, insight, progress. If you're not on the right path already, we'll not only draw you a map, we'll build the road and the car too.

Jesse NobbeSr. Solutions Architect

Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting

We know a thing or two about marketing automation, and when you need to call in the A-team for Oracle Marketing Cloud, including Eloqua and Responsys, our experts have your back. No one knows marketing automation better than us, and we’ll work with you to customize execution that makes sense for your technology. The result: A stable marketing process you can count on to take your business to the next level.

Real People, Real Advice

Our consultants would love to help you do what they do best: make your marketing technology perform at its peak, take full advantage of your marketing automation, and get your integrations up and running smoothly.

Let Us Do It for You

So many ideas, so little time. We get it. That’s why we execute your game plan for you. Your resources expand as we build, test, and improve campaigns in record time.

Tap into Preventative Maintenance

There’s a rule by which every marketer should operate: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When it comes to proactive maintenance of your marketing technology, we’re your golden ticket.

Crawl, Walk, Run - Services that grow with you

Learn more about our marketing automation consulting services – designed based on what works for our clients and refined using proven practices. We can be your strategic adviser and martech team.

Oracle Eloqua and Responsys Implementations

Proper training and implementation are essential to using Oracle Eloqua, Responsys and Maxymiser to their fullest potentials. In fact, it’s so important that experts advise marketers to join forces with a seasoned partner to help them setup and execute this technology. Our team of consultants offer just that: experience, knowledge, and authority to aide your complete implementation, starting with revenue-generating programs. By following the Oracle SmartStart implementation methodology, our average 4- to 6-week implementation focuses on use cases and thorough training to infuse confidence into your team and ensures successful use of the product.

Oracle Eloqua and Responsys Marketing Automation Consulting

The benefits of using Oracle Eloqua and Responsys marketing automations are the countless features and configurations you can customize to your specific business needs. It can be challenging to find the bandwidth to execute all your bright ideas, but with the support of our team of expert consultants, we can step in to help you solve this problem. From start to finish, we brainstorm with you to fix or solve for a business problem, create a plan of action, execute it with ease, and test it to make sure it’s working.

Technology Integrations with Oracle Eloqua

Your marketing automation is dead in the water without the right data. Different data sets live in multiple systems. We’ll analyze whether integrating all this data is worth your time and money. If it is, we’ll determine how the integration will work, whether through a pre-built connecter, out-of-the-box apps, or compatible webhooks. Then we’ll carry out the plan. Whatever integration you need - Native CRM integrations, Flat file integration over SFTP, Custom API Integrations, API AWS Integrations (Including KORE), and Middleware solutions (including PutItForward), we can help.

Client Success Program

Focus and accountability are the keys to getting the most value out of your marketing automation platform. In fact, most companies doom themselves to failure without it, struggling with missed opportunities and lack of adoption. When you sign up for CSP, your dedicated Success Manager is just as accountable to your marketing goals as you are. As an Oracle Marketing Cloud expert technologist, your Success Manager will hold monthly (or weekly) success meetings, at least one on-site business review meeting and Q&A support over email, all standard services for any CSP tier. Our top tiers also include an annual Agile Marketing Planning Workshop to help you define and balance your marketing objectives for the next 12-18 months with a flexible approach for execution. The CSP service is limited to a small number of clients, so we’ll meet with you to determine if it’s a good fit before moving forward.

Modern Marketing Health Check

You want to get the most value from your technology. Obviously! We understand that it can be a challenge to know what to prioritize to make that happen. Our Oracle Eloqua or Oracle Responsys Health Check determines how your instance measures up to best practices. Our experts analyze your database usage and campaign performance to provide a set of quick wins you can implement taking into account your team size and skill level. You’ll drive more revenue in less time and get the most out of your technology.

Marketing Automation System (MAS) Insurance

You can stop worrying something will go awry with your marketing automation. We’ve got you covered with proactive monitoring via our Marketing Automation System (MAS) Insurance. It’s all covered: tracking, deliverability, compliance, automation, lead management, integration, data quality, reporting and security. If we find issues, we’ll take corrective measures so you don’t have to lift a finger. Your monthly trend reports will keep you in-the-know about your marketing automation performance.

“Extra Hands” Managed Services

Why overburden your team with demanding tasks and time-consuming projects when you could simply outsource it? Sometimes you just need a few more people to get the job done. Whether it’s a headcount approval issue, a key employee on leave, or a need for a short-term commitment, our “Extra Hands” Managed Services is the perfect solution. Choose between quarter-time (2 hours per day or 4 hours every other day), half-time (4 hours per day) or full-time (7 hours per day). Essentially, one of our consultants becomes one of your team members for a minimum of 3 months. You’ll save on fixed expenses, score dedicated resources, and accelerate your growth.

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