We enable your marketing strategy
with technology, turning it into
a key revenue driver.

Tegrita excels in supporting organizations that are:

  • Navigating complex tech implementations.
  • Enhancing underperforming tech stacks.
  • Guiding crucial technical projects.
  • Optimizing lead flow processes.

Marketing Technology Consulting

We don't just manage technology; we see it as a strategic asset essential for business growth. Our Marketing Technology Consulting service is designed for companies looking to fully leverage their technology investments. From efficiently implementing new systems to integrating multiple platforms for improved data flow, evolving existing technologies to align with business goals, and optimizing lead flow processes, we ensure your technology stack not only supports but also accelerates your business objectives.

Common Problems
We Solve

Siloed Marketing Technology Stack

When technologies aren't integrated, data becomes fragmented across systems, leading to inefficient multi-channel marketing execution. We synchronize your tech stack to ensure seamless data integration and eliminate tedious manual processes.

Underutilized Technology

Often, revenue teams don't fully leverage their tech investment, leading to missed opportunities and operational inefficiencies. We maximize your technology's value with optimal utilization to seamlessly align with your marketing objectives.

Tangled Lead Flow

Inefficient lead flow processes stall conversions and tracking. We refine and streamline these processes, enhancing lead generation and ensuring effective tracking from inception to closed-won.

Tech Stack Bloat or Gaps

Excess or redundant technology can clutter your stack, while gaps hinder effective execution. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your stack, define tool usage strategies, and provide recommendations to optimize your tech spend for maximum impact.

Our Approach

Elevate your marketing technology to drive better performance, increased efficiency, and enhanced marketing outcomes. Our standard approach, adaptable to each engagement's unique needs, includes:


  • Conduct a kickoff meeting to understand your current marketing technology landscape and business context.
  • Review existing system setups and any available documentation.


  • Provide initial recommendations tailored to your specific needs.
  • Define project timelines and outline prerequisites.
  • Collaborate with your team to review and refine recommendations.

Strategic Documentation:

  • Collect any additional information required for comprehensive planning.
  • Document the business objective, current state, and proposed future state in detail.
  • Secure client approval before proceeding with the build phase.

Build & QA:

  • Build and configure solutions based on strategic documentation.
  • Conduct thorough QA and testing to ensure robustness.
  • Walk stakeholders through the build to ensure alignment and understanding.

Launch & Hypercare:

  • Manage the go-live or activation phase of the project.
  • Provide hyper-care support for large-scale or mission-critical projects, ensuring seamless transition and functionality.

Maintenance Documentation:

  • Create tailored documentation for the implemented solutions, enabling your team to manage and optimize the technology effectively.

Engagement Model

Our primary engagement model is centered around an annual commitment, fostering a true partnership that aligns closely with your long-term goals. This model ensures a deep and sustained collaboration, allowing us to fully understand and effectively meet your evolving needs. While this approach is at the heart of our engagement philosophy, we recognize the importance of flexibility. We also offer tailored services for specific, fixed-duration projects, adapting our expertise to implement, measure, and optimize your marketing technology solutions on a project basis. Whether you're looking for a lasting partnership or need targeted support for a particular initiative, our engagement models are designed to suit your specific requirements.

Key Deliverables:

  • Solutions Documentation: Covering business objectives, desired outcomes, current state, and proposed future state.
  • Training & Meeting Recordings: Providing insights and training for effective management of new solutions.
  • Maintenance Documentation: Focused on the solutions we build, guiding your team in managing and optimizing the technology.

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What Sets Us Apart

We view marketing technology as the unsung hero of the marketing world. It's the backbone that, when properly aligned, turns strategy into success stories. While the allure of the latest tech trends is undeniable, we focus on the real magic: transforming your existing tech stack into a powerhouse of efficiency and innovation. We've been navigating the tech maze for years, turning complexity into clarity and functionality.

Our approach is about more than just setting up systems; it's about weaving your technology into the very fabric of your marketing strategy. We don't just hand over a plan and disappear; we embed ourselves within your team, evolving from consultants to indispensable partners. We don’t just kickstart your marketing technology, we continuously fuel it to keep you ahead of the game. With Tegrita, you get a partner who is invested in your long-term success, ensuring your marketing technology is thriving and driving growth at every step of the way.

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