Podcast [B2B Books and Beverages: CMO to CRO – Renegade Thinkers Live!]

Renegade Thinkers Unite Podcast by Drew Neisser

Join us for Renegade Thinkers Live! where we pair the latest marketing insights with the coolest gin. This time, we’re exploring the two new books for B2B marketers out there, #RenegadeMarketing by Drew Neisser and #CMOtoCRO by Brandi Starr and Rolly Keenan.

Show Guests:
Brandi Starr (Author, #CMOtoCRO)
Rolly Keenan (Author, #CMOtoCRO)
Peter Finter (CMO, CyberGRX)

Watch the full episode here on Youtube or LinkedIn.

Check the CMO to CRO book HERE!