Eloqua How To: Scheduling Reports in Eloqua Insight

So, you are excited about the new Oracle Eloqua Insight powered by OBIEE, you are enjoying the new interface and new reports but haven’t quite figured out how or where to schedule reports.

Insight reporting provides you with a single place to analyze data across Oracle Eloqua. To schedule reports in Eloqua Insight, your Eloqua User must have the advance reporting (Eloqua Analyzer) license. All customers now have access to at least five (5) Analyzer licenses. You simply need a Customer Administrator in your Eloqua instance to check-off the “Eloqua Analyzer” option in your User settings.

The ability to send reports directly to your inbox on a set schedule in Eloqua Insight is now controlled by Insight Agents. Agents use automation to trigger delivery of information to others, such as sending weekly reports to subscribers or notifying the individuals depending on the results of a report. Watch the video to learn how to schedule reports in Eloqua Insight.