Spamming Zero Podcast [Episode 51: How To Conquer Communications In Marketing Operations With Tegrita’s Brandi Starr]

There’s no doubt about it… Streamlined, clear, effective communications in Marketing Ops is an ART.

Full stop.

So, it only made sense that we track down a true artist on the subject to share her brilliant know-how with our listeners.

Brandi Starr is COO at Tegrita, Podcast Host of Revenue Rehab, an International Best-Selling Author, and our honored guest this week on Spamming Zero.

What’s Covered?

  • A bit about Brandi’s 23 years in digital marketing
  • The right infrastructure to successfully communicate with customers
  • How to tackle the issues when technologies are NOT communicating
  • Identifying vendors with the right “stickiness”
  • What B2B and DTC can learn from each other
  • VOC & Managing customer expectations in a streamlined journey
  • Non-negotiable: having cross departmental buy in
  • How our expert incorporates journey mapping
  • And more

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