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Elevate your next event, webinar, or podcast by booking a presenter from our team of experts. We specialize in delivering engaging, insightful presentations and highly customized training sessions. Our experts are equipped to transform your experience; whether it's enriching a webinar with deeper insights, adding unique perspectives to your podcast, or empowering your team through specialized training.
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Meet the Experts

Get acquainted withTegrita’s distinguished experts Brandi Starr, Mike Geller, and Rolly Keenan, our, key members of the Tegrita executive team, and the co-authors of the influential book 'CMO to CRO: The Revenue Takeover by the Next Generation Executive.' Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, offering unparalleled insights into marketing, revenue growth, and organizational leadership. Engage with the minds that are shaping the future of revenue strategy and discover how their expertise can be a pivotal asset to your company’s strategy and growth.

Brandi, Mike, and Rolly have led fascinating careers from guiding Olympic Teams to solving high stakes, complex problems for some of the biggest brands across Canada and the US. As leaders and speakers, each expert blends quirky humor, integrity and a deep passion for shaping the future of marketing technology. Individually, they captivate and inspire audiences to think differently about what is possible.

Brandi Starr | COO | Suwanee, GA

Common Speaker Topics

  • Mastering the Customer Journey in a Technologically Evolving World: Understanding and optimizing every touchpoint through technology and strategic planning to enhance customer experiences.
  • Defining Your Own Path to Success: Empowerment and Authenticity for Mid-Career Women in Tech: Encouraging women to embrace their unique paths and authenticity in the tech world, balancing professional excellence with personal passions.
  • Scaling Success: Building and Streamlining Marketing Operations for Growth: Establishing efficient marketing operations to drive scalability and operational excellence, focusing on process optimization and technology leverage.
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Mike Geller | CTO | Thornhill, ON

Common Speaker Topics

  • Future of Marketing Technology: Exploring the evolution of technology and its implications for existing marketing technologies and strategies.

  • Data as the Foundation of Everything: Understanding your data sources, values, and how they drive your revenue technology, maximizing the use of customer data.

  • Systems Integration & Architecture: Identifying the right tools and systems for integration, understanding your data, and defining a system of record for optimal efficiency.

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Rolly Keenan | CRO | Denver, CO

Common Speaker Topics

  • The Power of the Right Question: Unlocking Growth and Innovation: Delving into the impact of asking the right questions to drive organizational growth and foster innovation.

  • From the Court to the Boardroom: Lessons in Leadership from Sports to Business: Exploring the application of professional sports skills and Olympic-level coaching strategies to corporate leadership and revenue growth.

  • Navigating High-Pressure Situations in Business with Lessons from Sports and Hostage Negotiation: Providing strategies to handle high-pressure business scenarios, drawing from experiences in sports coaching and hostage negotiation.

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Training For Your Team

Standard recorded training from marketing automation vendors often falls short in addressing your team’s specific needs. Our custom training programs are designed to suit your unique use cases and technical environment, using practical examples and insights into how your marketing automation platform integrates with other technologies. Whether for an individual or a larger group, our training sessions are led by a strategic practitioner and a technologist or developer, ensuring a harmonious blend of strategy and technical know-how. The agenda and duration are tailored to fit your requirements. Watch our video to see our training style in action, and fill out the form to discuss a training solution that’s right for you.

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