Who We Are

Tegrita is a privately held email marketing consultancy based in Toronto, Canada helping high-stakes marketing leaders unlock the full potential of email, turning it into a reliable revenue accelerator.

Founded in 2013, our remote team of experienced and innovative consultants has a wide range of expertise in multiple industries and roles, making it easy for us to act as a fully immersed (and invested) extension of your team.

Our Philosophy

At Tegrita, we see email marketing as the cornerstone of your communication strategy. We help you define its role, ensuring that every email sent is both effective and ethical. We take a deep dive into your data, understanding your contacts' past behaviors to shape future interactions. Here, it's not about vanity metrics but about actionable insights that directly contribute to your business goals. Simply put, we elevate email from a mere tool to a strategic asset for your company.

Our Value

As a marketing leader, you’re still expected to deliver results, even when you’re experiencing skill gaps within your team, lower headcount, layoffs, or a loss of key resources.

Outsourcing to a low-cost partner to simply “execute” is risky––you can’t count on them to assess your needs and correctly determine the right courses of action based on a nuanced understanding of your business.

Your consultancy of choice needs to be a true partnership. Choosing Tegrita helps you understand how email contributes to your pipeline by surfacing data that will positively inform your marketing communication strategy. Leveraging these unexpected but invaluable insights helps you communicate more effectively and at scale with your known contacts.

Benefits of Working with Tegrita

Specialized Expertise & MarTech Management:

At Tegrita, we bring specialized skills not only in email marketing and lead flow processes but also in marketing technology expertise. This triple focus allows us to fill your team's skill gaps effectively and ensures your marketing programs run seamlessly.

Risk Mitigation in High-Stakes Initiatives:

Whether you're tackling technology implementations, launching new campaigns, or optimizing current processes, our experience ensures your high-stakes initiatives are executed with precision, minimizing disruptive risks.

Flexible Solutions & Dynamic Capacity:

Our partnership adapts to the ebb and flow of your needs, providing scalable solutions that extend your team's capabilities. Whether you need to scale up for a specific project or adjust to new strategic initiatives, we adapt effortlessly to your evolving requirements.

Objective Insights & Fresh Perspective:

Our team introduces a new lens through which to view your marketing efforts, assessing strategy, process, and technology as a unified whole. This balanced scrutiny paves the way for objective insights and practical recommendations suited to your business.

Meet the Tegrita Team

In 2013, our founders launched Tegrita with a focus on Oracle Eloqua consulting. Fast-forward to today, and we've evolved into a multifaceted team with expertise in marketing technology and strategy. Our collective experience spans a range of industries and roles—from strategic planning to technical execution—ensuring that no challenge is too daunting for us. We bring a unique blend of grit, expertise, and intentionality to the table, all while keeping the atmosphere light and approachable. Simply put, we're a dynamic team of professionals committed to elevating your marketing efforts and driving success for your business.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.“

- Phil Jackson


Chief Technology Officer, President

Mike Geller

Chief Revenue Officer

Rolly Keenan

Chief Operating Officer

Brandi Starr

Chief of Staff

Max Stoddard


Lead Strategist

Jason Semenek


Lead Technology Consultant

Nadim Fetaih

Lead Technology Consultant

Andy Shaw

Sr. Technology Consultant

Jessica Jones

Sr. Technology Consultant

Packy Jones

Sr. Developer

Peter Chen

Technology Consultant

Rafael de Castro Bueno

Technology Consultant

Ben Parks

Technology Consultant

Kyra Muscat

Client Engagement

Sr. Manager, Client Engagement

Mike Doane

Client Engagement Coordinator

Mitch Nylen

Client Engagement Coordinator

Sarah Allen

Client Engagement Coordinator

Jen Bernard


Sr. Marketing Manager

Jessica Venerus

Sr. Operations Manager

Matthew Dubuc

Manager, Operations

Ainsley Berry

Manager, Operations

Sarah Sipione



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Our name comes from the latin word for integrity (integritas) and is pronounced Te-GRIT-tuh. Fun Fact: Because most people pronounce our name as though it rhymes with margarita we’ve adopted the Te-GREE-tuh Margarita as our official happy hour cocktail: Check out our TikTok for the secret recipe

Tegrita offers multiple contracting options for flexible short- and long-term solutions, including:
Strategic Execution: Clients committed to over 250 hours per quarter enjoy our lowest rate, faster turnaround times, and strategic advising from our most senior resources.
Standard: Clients committed to at least 50 hours per quarter enjoy a discounted rate and a dedicated client engagement resource.
Ad Hoc: 90-day and annual retainers for clients who need project-based or ad hoc support.

Our employee retention rate stands at an impressive 90%, with an average tenure of 4.5 years across our team. We attribute this stability to our commitment to fostering an engaging work environment. By thoughtfully structuring our organization and hiring for specific talents, we ensure that each team member can focus on what they excel at, day in and day out. This approach not only maximizes individual job satisfaction but also contributes to a cohesive, experienced team capable of delivering exceptional results.

Our service offering is platform agnostic, but our primary expertise is in Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Responsys, Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We also support many of the additional marketing technologies like Pathfactory, Uberflip, 6Sense, Percolate, etc.

During the discovery process, it often becomes clearer who isn't a good fit. A red flag for us is when a potential client requests multiple proposals but shows little interest in developing a collaborative approach. On the other hand, a strong indicator of a promising partnership is when a client sees us as a future extension of their team, aimed at achieving specific business objectives—even if that relationship starts with a one-off project.

Companies that derive the most value from our services often find themselves in complex landscapes, grappling with intricate sales cycles and a multitude of customer touchpoints. These businesses frequently face the challenge of a disjointed marketing tech stack, unsure of how to optimize their existing tools. Adding to the complexity, they commonly experience resource constraints and may lack the specialized technical expertise needed in-house. Many initially approach us with pressing concerns about lead generation or conversion, seeking clarity on what strategies are truly effective. Our primary focus is on serving mid-market and enterprise companies with annual revenues above $20 million.

No, we are neither full-service, nor an agency. We're a consultancy that both advises and executes. Unlike agencies focused solely on project delivery, we provide strategic insights along with hands-on implementation. Our specialized approach ensures you get best-in-class solutions, avoiding the pitfalls of a "jack-of-all-trades" model that often dilutes focus and quality.

The Tegrita Way


Starting with why and always coming back to why. Always probing deeper, always asking questions, never assuming. Not being afraid to challenge clients, not being order takers, aiming for partnerships by understanding the why/need behind the ask.


Offering solutions, not only executing, framing all work within business problem. Always sharing ideas, being open to innovation and thinking about long term impact on business goals Sharing knowledge to empower clients, delivering on Tegrita Ways of Working - Our Service Principles.


Thinking about delivering flexibility, scalability and maintainability in every solution we provide, of every size. Meeting RACI requirements by taking ownership of accountabilities and responsibilities. Using service delivery methodologies and processes and identifying opportunities for improvement

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