Can Formstack Forms Integrate with Oracle Eloqua?

Many Oracle Eloqua customers leverage the robust form capabilities offered by Formstack forms. Formstack offers intelligent online forms with two key features not currently available with Eloqua forms:

  • Conditional Logic: Show or hide form questions based on someone’s previous answers.
  • Payment Processors: Collect online payments and donations on order forms and registrations.

We have multiple clients (especially in the Sports & Entertainment and Higher Education verticals) who use Formstack forms instead of the native Eloqua forms. This approach leads to two challenges:

  1. Siloed Data: Quite often, valuable data is captured within the Formstack forms and the organization does not have a process to push that data in to the marketing automation platform. The data stored in Eloqua drives both personalization and segmentation.
  2. Untracked Digital Body Language: Form submissions are one of the ways in which you can connect unknown web visitors to known Eloqua contacts. Getting contacts cookied allows Eloqua to track their engagement on your website and landing pages. Form submissions can be leveraged as a part of Segmentation, Lead Scoring, and campaign workflows.

For these reasons, all relevant forms submissions should feed into Oracle Eloqua. To solve for the data gap, we have developed a webhook integration between Formstack and Eloqua.

Tegrita Methodology: Formstack Webhooks Integration with Eloqua

Using the Tegrita Methodology, the form is first created in Formstack and the same form is built in Eloqua. You do not have to include all of the fields from Formstack if only some are relevant. For example, if you are using a Formstack form for an event registration, you probably don’t need their t-shirt size or meal preference in Eloqua and you also don’t need to bring in credit card information or other sensitive data.

With our method, the following is achieved:

  • Visitors submitting Formstack forms are cookied for digital body language
  • You can choose which of your Formstack forms to integrate with Eloqua
  • You can select the fields within the Formstack form that you want to integrate with Eloqua
  • Data from Formstack forms can be stored on the Eloqua contact, account, or in one or more custom objects

The connection is simple and easy to maintain. Contact us today to discuss our methodology to determine if it will benefit your organization and to learn more about how to set up this simple connection.