Marketing Technology Stack Assessment: 4 Steps to a Digital Dream Stack

This 6-part blog series provides a step-by-step guide to help you through the process of conducting a Martech Stack Assessment. In this final instalment, Jason Semenek ties it all together as you embark on your digital ecosystem assessment.

If your marketing technology stack has grown organically over time, with input from both previous and current team members, it is quite possible that you’re working with a franken-stack. This blog series is designed to help you take back control, and start moving towards your digital dream stack through a 4-step assessment process. When it comes to looking at the big picture of your digitally driven modern marketing department, few tactics can be as valuable as assessing your martech stack. Only through an honest review and assessment are you able to clarify your current status and begin planning for the future. We hope that our Marketing Technology Stack Assessment guide has helped you through the process to developing a Martech Action Plan.

If you missed the previous steps, we strongly recommend working your way through the series, following these blog posts to get the most out of your assessment:

Although it sounds like a lot of work, without a digital technology plan in place, you may get left behind by more tech savvy and nimble competitors. As a marketing team leader, it is up to you to set the stage for a meaningful assessment with all the key players on hand, and to continue to lead the charge towards your martech goals. By fostering buy-in and support from all levels and all departments, you can ensure you and your team are able to implement your Martech Action Plan.


Don’t let all this great work get lost in the day-to-day of modern marketing!  We recommend regular team follow ups to review the progress and adjust timelines. This also gives you the opportunity to move additional support to where it is needed and allows you to stay agile with your technology plans.

We recognize that sometimes you are too busy to tackle an assessment on your own. At Tegrita, we love helping companies through their journey to assess their martech needs. We specialize in facilitating martech assessments and technology roadmapping. If you need a bit of help, why not leverage our expertise and facilitation skills to guide you and your team through the sometimes-challenging process of planning your digital marketing future. Our experts are available to join you onsite and can help you uncover opportunities to improve your use of technology solutions. Take a look at some of the free resources we have available on our website to get you started. Contact us today to begin the conversation, and turn that franken-stack into your digital dream!

Good luck and remember to have fun!

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