Top 8 Challenges CMOs Face and the Single Solution to Address Them All

In our Challenges CMOs Face blog series, we look at common issues and offer various suggestions and solutions to ride the waves of marketing automation. We may specialize in marketing automation technology, but we often talk with marketing professionals about a lot more. When we work closely with CMOs and their marketing teams, we relish in their successes, and listen intently as they reflect on the challenges they face. Each challenge may feel unique to our CMOs – but their challenges are actually quite common across the marketing landscape.

Indeed, many of us face challenges that continuously manifest in different ways across our organizations. According to our research, here are the top eight challenges CMOs and marketing leaders face in this ever-changing marketing landscape. Click each challenge to read in depth about what it taught us:

  1. Connecting Innovation and Culture
  2. Balancing Big Ideas and Small Victories
  3. Cross-Departmental Collaboration
  4. Creating a Consistent Customer Experience
  5. Facing Budget Challenges
  6. Data, Analytics, and Creating Insight
  7. Driving Growth
  8. Dealing with Turnover and Reduced Team Size

Whew! That’s a lot to deal with. Plus, you still have to keep on your toes in order to be ready for the next crop of challenges while making sure you’re not creating most of your own problems. What if there was one cohesive solution to help you and your staff move on a path to not just overcome all of these challenges, but help you prepare for new ones? What if there was just ONE thing you need to implement that will help you navigate and overcome these challenges as they arise?

This solution exists: The Strategic Marketing Roadmap.

With the right guidance, a strategic marketing roadmap helps you analyze your current efforts, identify gaps, then set goals not just for the short term, but for 12 to 18 months down the road. Marketing roadmaps allow you to overcome the challenges of a changing marketing world by:

Making sense of your data. A marketing roadmap will help you understand and properly analyze the data you’re collecting, so you can quickly make marketing decisions.

Identifying gaps in your data. A marketing roadmap identifies gaps in your data collection and analysis processes, helping you to retool and engage the right people across the organization on solutions.

Organizing smaller, necessary processes around larger goals. A marketing roadmap will help you make sure you’re not missing the little processes and procedures that pave the way to big accomplishments.

Bringing people together across your organization. It’s beneficial for you to engage more people in your marketing roadmap than just your marketing department. You can make the goals of your marketing roadmap a cross-departmental endeavor, engaging applicable departments such as IT, sales and customer service.

Allowing your staff to shine. Creating and maintaining a strategic marketing roadmap is a collaborative, dynamic process that allows you to apply the strengths of your staff to your short- and long-term marketing efforts.

Helping you do more with less. A marketing roadmap helps you ensure that marketing efforts are focused, intelligently executed, and on budget, all while making the most of the talent you have on staff.

Tegrita can offer the strategic guidance you need to create a long-term, yet agile marketing roadmap that works for the unique needs of your company. With your support and the guidance of your staff, Tegrita’s team of experts can help you create a roadmap that allows you to innovate while giving clear purpose to every dollar you spend.

To get you started, we’ve put tougher a Strategic Roadmapping Playbook to outline the process and provide some of the templates that we use when we work with clients like you. Click here to get your own Roadmap Toolkit.

Contact us to learn more about roadmapping and find out how we can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level.